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Crazy Pairing Crossover thought

I know just the last few days I have been thinking of different pairings for different movies, tv shows and cartoon, etc.  Lately I find my mind on a what-if pairing.  Supposedly if Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardian and Mavis from Hotel Transylvania were to meet and somehow hook up.  I mean it’s crazy I know but somehow I can’t help but thinking it be a cool hook up since they both immortal and Jack I think can show her the world and she being a vampire and can hang with Jack and see Children and be cool with it.  Anyone tell me what they think on this I’ll like to know if that be a cool pairing or what

GLTAS Halloween Special

by ~Kyukitsune

Autumn was here in Coast City, USA with bright colored leaves and cool air sliding throughout the entire county. It was to be honest a perfect day with the weather being fair and was neither too warm yet not too cold as it was just right. The temperature might drop a bit by the time the sun went down and evening approach but no one would really mind it as much. The whole area down the block had leaves scattered about, few having been raked in earlier but still more had fallen by the time it was five in the afternoon.

In a small community not far from the city, there was a neighborhood that was thoroughly decorated with all kinds of ornaments

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GLTAS: I first Laid Eyes on You

by ~Kyukitsune

The Moment I first Laid Eyes on You…

It was nighttime on the peaceful world of Oa, everyone was mostly asleep with the exception of a few still up and about attending to their business and jetting off like green firelight within the city. In one of the many vast structures, a married couple were living there and one of them happen to be a red lantern who was still up and had his own reason why he was even at this late hour. He was in bed lying close against the one person he felt connected to after everything that’s happened, and watching her as she slept peacefully beside him.

She look so tranquil, her face so serene while the lights out

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WTH No!!!

This sucks, I was so hyped in watching a new episode of GLTAS and then when I look on tv I see they changed it and was like what the—

How can they do this to us, I mean a lot of fans were so hoping to see that new episode where Hal is in the Steampunk world but how could they go and do this.  This sucks big time, so what does this mean do we have to wait until Nov to get new shows, what’s the deal I mean please let this just be temp and not a permanent deal, I’ll die if I  don’t watch some Green Lantern action!

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